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At the beginning of the New Year, recruitment was busy

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As the Chinese New Year goes further and further, the recruitment of companies is busy. Due to production capacity and ding company 2017 annual target of planning and kicked off, and there is a big company in terms of employment, to the human resources work put forward to the test. In order to meet the needs of the company, the production support department has been in the air since the beginning of the year. Through policies, in collaboration with human resources company entrusted recruitment, to seek government, and the human resources department to help park, to participate in job fairs, in-depth streets, parks, the villages and towns, the market to establish connections and distributed way of recruitment information through various channels to introduce employees. Staff involved in the recruitment work gave up holidays to rest time, against the cold, some driving a few tens of kilometers into the villages and towns, fair distribution of recruitment information, hard sweat in gratifying achievements, as on February 15, the company accumulated hiring staff 155 people, which employed 83 people, alleviate the recent recruitment problems, made positive contributions to guarantee the completion of production tasks.


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