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Anhui provincial development and reform commission led the visit and the tripod tire inspection survey

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  On the morning of March 6, the anhui province development and reform commission deputy director of the million and one in the standing deputy county magistrate Cui Xinghao, accompanied by the ac led, inspected the research of anhui and ding tire technology co., LTD.

  Wan Shiji, deputy director of the line during the investigation into production line, listen to the report of a company about work, and ask for details of the company to ask the progress of production plan and project implementation. The deputy director of the company has given us some positive feedback on the progress of our project, and has made important instructions on the work of the company.

  The company leader jinxin and zhu yongsheng report on the work of the company, and thank the government for their support and concern. It also said that companies will work hard and work hard to achieve full and comprehensive efforts for the project.

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