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Notice of the company's scrap offer

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Here are the following information:

The type of scrap purchase: waste glue (regardless of level); Steel wire cord; Polyester tire cord; Nylon cord; Steel wire circle; Waste tires; The capsules add up to seven categories.

Offer time: March 21, 2017, solstice, April 30

Contract conclusion:

The use of the deposit system for the one-year period of the contract shall be drawn up to 200,000 yuan.

The term of the contract shall be subject to the non-payment of the term of the retail method and shall be sold once a quarter and shall be requoted in the quarterly market.

The specific contract is concluded by the company at the end of April, and the units are required to make margin preparation.

The quotation form is submitted to the production support department (13053121999); Need to send the quotation sheet, please send email to: bengbu in anhui province 17 anhui huaiyuan county economic development zone, the actual avenue and ding tire technology co., LTD., production support department Huanglong, zip code 233400.

                                        Anhui Heding tires Technology
                                            Production support department
                                                  On March 20, 2017

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