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There must be a teacher and a mentor

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  To cooperate with the company 2017 annual production capacity of work, rapidly improve employee job skills and business level, give full play to the older employees "pass, help, take" effect, develop and build a business, strong ability of staff, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises, companies in the afternoon of March 23, 2017, in the company conference room on the second floor, "adviser to head person agreement signing ceremony was held in the company leadership, the relevant department head and some of the teacher, student representatives attended the signing ceremony.

  The signing ceremony, master and apprentice to represent respectively the spokesman, said in the future work will talk to teach and learn from them, quickly master the job skills and knowledge, for the and contributions to the construction. Yang yuqiao, assistant general manager of the company, asked for the activities. Hui-yong wang, general manager of introduces the developing situation of the company at present at the ceremony, to the company the next step of work to do a detailed elaboration, and put forward want to adviser to head person work, hope the teacher completes the model, "pass, side, belt" play a good role, work to increase the feelings, to affection promote work. Wang always asks the relevant departments to take the teacher's activities as an important event in order to improve the quality of the staff of the company, and form a long-term mechanism.

  After the signing ceremony, the company leader took a group photo with the teachers.

The general manager offered hope to the tutor

Iused to sign up

Shifu representative

The company leader is photographed with the teachers

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