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——Anhui Heding/the general strategic cooperation agreement between jiangsu and China was signed by the clam


  Anhui and ding tire technology co., LTD. And jiangsu general scientific and technology co., LTD. Have signed the strategic agreement recently with huaiyuan county in bengbu, anhui province. The county government, county government and relevant department leaders witnessed the signing ceremony.

  Anhui and tripod with jiangsu general belong to the rubber industry, the cooperation, the two sides in line with the "voluntary, win-win and mutual benefit, mutual promotion and common development" principle. To integrate the resources, further extend the industrial chain, form the sharing of resources, and complement each other's advantages. After the signing of agreement, the two sides will in product research and development, technology innovation, quality improvement, production management, procurement marketing conduct in-depth cooperation in areas such as comprehensive, eventually realizing the maximization of resource, realize the enterprise sustainable development.

  Signing ceremony in a relaxed, happy and harmonious atmosphere, and county leaders and partners represent respectively made a passionate speech at the meeting, on the strategic agreement signed.

Anhui Heding contract with general strategic cooperation in jiangsu province

The leaders spoke on the successful cooperation

  "Confucianism has the same aspirations", and the same aspirations bring the tripod together with gm. Cooperation is the first step, believe that under the joint efforts of both sides, and tripod with gm will tire industry boom in China, for the revitalization of the tire industry in our country, the revitalization of the real economy, play a positive and important role in the revitalization of the local economy.

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