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How to maintain the car tyre?

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  Tire is one of the important parts of the vehicle, it is not only concerned with the performance of the vehicle, but also the life and safety of the people in the car. After all, no matter how fast the car runs, it depends on the ground of four tires. According to statistics, 46 percent of traffic accidents on highways are caused by faulty tires. Therefore, we must not neglect the importance of tyres. Today, I will ask a senior auto maintenance specialist to tell you about the car tyres. Expert thinks, in automobile driving, the "health" is closely connected with the pressure of the tire, tire pressure anomalies can cause local tyre wear, driving comfort to reduce, the problem such as fuel consumption increase, leading to a flat tire. So maintaining the standard fetal pressure and monitoring the change of tire pressure in real time is the key to preventing puncture.

  As the highway increases, the car travels faster and faster on the road. The high temperature resulting from high speed can cause the tire pressure anomaly, discharge the air inside the tire, and fill the dry nitrogen, but can maintain the normal tire pressure for a long time. Because nitrogen is an inert gas, the expansion coefficient is low, and it is not easy to change with temperature, but the chance of the detonation is minimized. In addition, because nitrogen does not contain moisture, it can also delay the oxidation rate of the inner wall of the tyre. After driving for a period of time, there will be problems such as the direction of the vehicle, the direction of the plate, and the wear and tear of the tire, which is caused by the Angle offset of the wheel. At this time, a four-wheel positioning test for the vehicle, such as beyond the allowable range, is adjusted immediately.

  Replacement tires, wheel or wheels have received great impact, will lead to the quality of the wheel distribution, feeling the steering wheel quiver when driving, vehicle bumps, swing, can also lead to the tyre wear. To eliminate this condition, the wheels must be balanced. In addition, the car act the role ofing car department experts remind the owner should try to correct slammed on the brake, the bad driving habits, a sharp turn, quick start, in order to reduce tire wear and prolong the service life of tires. To ensure safety, in addition to checking the tire pressure and tread lines, the owner should also pay attention to the problem of whether the tire surface is cracked or not. Tire and rubber after aging can harden, craze, this shows that which has reached the replacement tyres limit, tire grip drops, and cracking part easily because of external shocks and flat tire burst when driving. Whether the tread is cut or tied. All of these could cause a tyre leak, which could be a safety hazard if not detected in time. After the tire is hit, check to see if there is a drum in the tread. If the drum is in, it indicates that the curtain of the tire is broken, and the possibility of a puncture

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