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How do you know if your tires need replacement?

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  Car owners can rely on their own observation and touch to determine whether the tyre is reaching a point where they need to be replaced.

  The surface loss is close to the wear and tear marks

  Any brand tyre will wear a frayed mark at the bottom of the tread groove. General car tire wear mark height is 1.6 mm (the height is the statutory tire minimum groove depth), the load on the tyre wear mark height is 2.4 mm. Some owners think that as long as the tyres didn't break, even if the tyre pattern is nearly finish still continue to use, such as old tires is very dangerous, when meets the slippery road, tire tread cannot be at the bottom of the water discharge completely, it is easy to cause the vehicle out of control.

  2, the damage such as cracks or drums in the tyre

  In the process of daily use, tires may be removed or accidentally hit a road floss, which can cause damage to the tyre. The tyre damage was caused by cracks in the tread, the tyre of the tread, the loss of tyre, the tread of the tyre, and the multiple of the tyre. Especially in the drum, there is a danger that the tires will burst at any time. As long as the tires are found to be damaged, the owners will be able to check the tires in the professional tire shop as soon as possible.

  The age of tyre expires

  Even if the owner usually drive how gentle, how good road conditions, how to the maintenance of the tire in place, the tire with long time, and will gradually aging. Tires are used for about five years, and over that time, tires start to age. The main expression of tire ageing is the surface hardening and then the cracks. Ageing tires will lose their elasticity and continue to use them, causing a distortion of the tread and a risk of detonation.

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