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What are the standards of aging for passenger car tyres this summer?

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  Provided comprehensive media reported on June 24, the highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA), an engineer said the agency is ready for tire aging introduced regulations.

  NHTSA is currently on the federal card, passenger tire safety standards are updated, and a study of consumer market of tyre information and aging standard is worked out, and possible to implement this summer. In fact, NHTSA has been testing the tyres for light passenger cars since 2002.

  NHTSA insists that the deterioration of old tyres is a key factor in the number of crashes. The Rubber industry Association (Rubber Manufacturers Association), said an official in southern California, Texas and Arizona warm climate, degradation and Rubber tire function has a close connection between the aging.

  American card, passenger tire safety standards have implemented for 41 years, the first set of passenger car tire safety standards began in only 11 years ago, the aging for passenger car tires standards belong to upgrade to the standard.

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