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Product introduction:SNOW series on behalf of the decorative pattern: insein: RADIAL according to RADIALR110

The serial number Series Specifications Velocity stage
1 M01 205/55R16 91W
2 M01 205/40R17XL


3 M01 215/50R17 95W
4 M01 235/45R17XL 97W
5 M01 225/45R17XL 94W

  M01 series

  On behalf of the pattern:

  Insein:RADIAL S100,RADIALR110

  Back in:WARRIOP R200

  The pattern features:

  Super soft tread formula, excellent in winter. Three-dimensional steel sheet, which enhances the wet and slippery surface of the road. Four longitudinal grooves, excellent drainage performance; Five plus horizontal trenches and a wide variety of fine knife grooves. The design of the outline of six wide tread is designed to strengthen wear-resisting and strong appearance.

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